This weekends hockey games

I have two hockey games this weekend  so far are stats are 4-0 including exhibition games . We have versed Lundar, stonewall, Riverton, and Gimli we have won all the games that we have played this year.

We are playing Lundar again this year and we are also versing warren. We have played Lundar already and we have beat them 4-10   it was the closest game that we had this  year. If we keep on winning we will get bumped up to the a luege  after Christmas. Against lundar we are laying in the lundar arena I have a game and then right after my game my brothers AAA team is playing so i am going to be at the lundar rink for a while.

The lundar game is on Saturday and then the warren game is on sunday. Warren is an A team so if we beat them most likely we are getting bumped up to A leuge by christmas are coach booked a exhibition against warren so he knows that we have a chance in the a luege. If we keep on winning are games we get to travel to like a hotel and stay a couple of nights for tournaments and maybe even if we make it to provincials. We are probaly going to make it to playoffs and if we do win we get to go to provincials  and if we do we are playing different teams like brandon and the paw so we are going to play whole Manitoba.

We lost the banner to warren a couple of years ago and it was not that fun of a day we went home all disapointed and if we beat warren and go to A we are  able to go far this year in the a luege of hockey we are going to probaly going lose in provincials cause we are versing teams 3 times harder than the team that we have played this year.

I hope we win all of are games this weekend so we can have a good record and have a good year this year in hockey.

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