A New Season Of Hockey

Hockey is my favorite sport of all time we strarted hockey this week and we had two  practices already. We haven’t played a game yet but I think we are going to start playing in about two to three weeks.

We usally have a good team with the players that we have. I have a feeling this year we are going to win a lot of games and have a good strong team. We have some people on the team that aren’t that good but there are also some players that stand out on their lines that even out the line . We have four new kids on our team I personally don’t like having new kids on our team. I just like playing  with the same old team that I always have had.

I personally like playing with the older kids even though we don’t win as many games I have more  friends on that team and just enjoy playing with them more than with the younger kids. I don’t really like playing with people that aren’t good at the game but I know that they are just plying for fun. I like playing right wing cause I get in good spots for shooting and get to touch the puck often aswell. I also don’t mind playing Deffence.

I have been playing hockey for 9 years I started playing when I was 3 years old . The hockey season was canceled last year so I am basically playing with the same people for two years in a row. I have won a total of three banners through put my life.

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  1. You have been playing since you were 3 years old?! Wow. You must feel natural on your skates by now. Btw, you need a link too for a complete post, but otherwise, good job on this one.

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