Hockey season

This hockey season is about to start and I have a feeling that it is going to be a pretty good season this year but there is also gonna be a couple of other good teams this year.

We might lose a couple of our good players to aa but none to aaa. This year there is probally going to be around 10 bantam teams this year. but we will have to team up with Teulon because they don’t have a full team to play but they will come to Arborg cause we already have a team and we are just gonna take the Teulon kids in because they don’t have a team big enough to play but Arborg will probally have a pretty good team but it there will also be alot of players cause Teulon is joining us.

Riverton was going to join us but their vice president for minor hockey didn’t want to send their kids to Arborg to play hockey. So now Riverton is going to join teams with Gimli. Which I that is going to be are biggest rival because Arborg already doesn’t quite like Gimli  and know Riverton is joining their team those are going to be some fun games. We also lost a couple of player that were with us last year like Elijah moved to Winnipeg and we also had people from fisher branch last year play on out team Tanner and Makayla. We also had some guys from fisher river that were insane good at hockey named Ronald and Luke.

This year Ronald and Luke have went to play with Peguis along with Jerome which played with us on the bantam team last year when I got called up to play with the bantams. Peguis is gonna be one of the best teams this year hopefully they have two teams and they don’t stack one full of good players and the others on the other team. Peguis will also  have big hitters which you will not want to go up against but will eventually have to. I will be playing with older kids this year and the younger kids next yea. But i will be playing with most of my friends so even if we lose  we will have a fun time while we play. 

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2022 NBA finals Celtics vs GSW

In the NBA finals the two teams that made it to the championship match which were Celtics and GSW.

So far in the NBA finals both the teams that I wanted to win have lost which were Bucks and  Grizzlies which got out in round 2nd round both which was not the best start for my predictions in which case that those predictions messed up my whole predictions for the NBA finals which now all of my right predictions are wrong in the finals. The Bucks lost to the Celtics in game 7 and Memphis lost to Golden State in game 7.

So far for the championship the Celtics are leading game 3 2-1 against the golden state warriors which the championship goes to game 7 so the team that I want to win still has a chance which is the Golden state warriors cause the Celtics have knocked out the Bucks which was my favorite team to cheer for this season because the raptors kinda suck this season so I only had one team to cheer for which had the Greak Freak giannis which had carried their team through the whole NBA season and if the bucks had one other good player then would win the championship 100%.

So I have a feeling that the Warroirs are going to come back in either  game 6 or 7 and beat the celtics to pull the championship from them and win it just like they did back in 2018. But the Celtics are going to put up a good fight against GSW.

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NBA playoffs/finals

prediction winner Most of the playoffs have went the way people predicted them from the stats in regular season but there was also some twists.

Some of the twists were the mavericks beat the suns, for me the grizzlies lost to golden state, and the 76ers lost to the heat. Some sad news is that my playoff prediction winner has lost to the Celtics which was the bucks. Giannis didn’t have anyone to help him on the bucks but he got pretty far for him carrying his team to every win they got this year so that didn’t end that good but I have a feeling that golden state is going to pull off another win for the championship just like they did in 2018.

Any way they are going up against either the Heat or the Celtics which I think that the Celtics are going to win but in the end I think that its going to go to either game 6 or game 7 for the championship when if the Celtics beat the Heat it will be the warriors vs the Celtics and I think in either game 6 or game 7 that the Warriors are going to bring it and take the Celtics out  and eventually after a couple of games take them out and win the championship but I think next year the bad teams are going to turn good and teams like golden state are going to still be pretty good but they aren’t going to be one of the best like they were this year.

So in the end my prediction were not the greatest I’ve ever made but they weren’t to bad cause most of the teams I picked ended up going pretty far this season but some not as far as I hoped for some teams to go such as the bucks, and Memphis which was my two top teams this year.

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NHL Play-offs

Right now in the NHL the playoffs are happening and the regular season is over and the jets didn’t make the playoffs so im basically cheering for any Canadian team win the cup this year. I am only going to do the Canadian teams.

I Think that the Flames are going to beat Dallas as the flames are going crazy this year in wins and they also have Johnny hockey who has dropped more than 100 points this year and the flames continue to have good consistant games this year through out regular season and I think that they are going to continue in playoffs this year.

I think that Toronto is going to win against Lightning which I think that it is going to go to game 7 cause Toronto has an amazing record this year and is one of the best teams in the luege along with the lightning which is back to back stanley cup champion throughout the last two years. But Matthews had 60 goals in regular season and if he continues with his goals he is going to have quite a bit of goals in the Playoffs.

I  Think that the Oilers are also going to beat the kings as the kings have no outstanding players and the oilers have 2 really good players that are in top 5 in points in  the luege and the kings were not outstanding in the regular season but some how made it to playoffs and were decent in the playoffs this year so far against the oilers but I think the oilers will pull through and end up winning in 6 or 7 games.

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NBA playoff predictions

Who will win the NBA finals, I think the Bucks are going to win the finals.

I think Memphis is going to beast Minnesota  as they have a way better win and loss stats. And they also have the 2nd most wins this year right behind the miami heat. Also Memphis has some major players that make them where they are right now such as Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, Dillion brooks, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Steven Adams that carry thier team.

I think the bucks are going to beat the Celtics even though Celtics are really good this year the bucks could shut them down with Giannis and other good players that are on the bucks will lead  them to winning the series although things might change as the Celtics can put Jason Tatum on Giannis to shut him down.

I think the suns are going to beat Dallas as Devin booker is back from injury and because the team work pretty good out there on the court together. The suns also have Chris Paul which he is a really good point guard. But Dallas has Luka Doncic  which he is also a really good player.

I also think the 76ers are going to beat the heat as they have the player leading the luege in points Joel Embiid which will rack up alot of points in these playoffs. But it will be a hard match as the heat have the most wins this season, the heat also has Jimmy butler and Kyle Lowry.

I also think that Memphis is going to beat the golden state warriors as the player that I listed above for grizzles will have a solid games in the future playoffs and work good together ion the court to shut down the stars the the golden state warriors have such as curry, thompson, poole will be hard to shut down but grizzles will come inn clutch.

Those are my predictions for the conf. finals in the NBA playoffs 2021/2022.

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Hockey season ended

Hockey season just ended around a week ago and we ended up losing in provincials and came 5 place in  B provincials and we won the banner for the Interlake from stonewall.

Although hockey season ended there is still going to be fun stuff to do in the summer such as going up town with friends, riding dirt bikes all around the country side and sometimes in town, we will also be going camping to many different camp sites around such as lilac, Rubber ducky, Nausa, steep rock, and many more .It will also be warm outside so you can go and play outside with family or friends.

We had a good hockey season but it was to bad that we didn’t play as good as we could of in provincials so we went home with no medal or anything. But like I said we did end up winning the banner in our home town for the first time in for ever. We  were fortunate to have some players come from other towns such as Luke and Ronald that helped out alot this year helping us get to provincials and also helping us win the banner and we also had some players from fisher branch.

Winter coming to a end isn’t the worst thing that could ever happeen the only thing bad about it is no hockey, and we will have no snow to play with but the rest is all good you wont be cold in the summer and there will be a bunch of things that we can do in summer that we cant do in winter such as golf, swimming, camping, and may more and I think this summer is going to be a good summer for activities  and going outside.

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Dream Retirement

When I retire all that I want is a medium sized house made out of logs in the country bushed in with a long driveway.

I would have alot of things in my house that most people would not such as a hunting room with my safe and the animals and fish mounted on my wall (if I can shoot or catch them). Most people want to have a retirement that they can just be relaxed and sit back and do what they want. I plan to work like a dog when I have the energy to do it around my 20-50s then have a quick retirement. I plan to go work for construction in Alberta when I am not in college and stay there for a couple of months and bring back a good amount of money.

Then when I have enough with the construction business I will plan to go to hydro and retire around my 50-60s. Then I will have all my time to myself and family ( if I have). But I plan to travel to places where you can catch fish and hunt animals that you could never hunt around here. I plan to go to all these places with a couple of  buddy’s and we would have someone that knows the place helps us around. We would probally just stay in some cabin or each bring our own tents and sleeping bags and camp in the mountains while hunting and fishing.

I plan to have my log house in Arborg in the country a little north of Arborg  or to the west or east. I also plan to spend lots of time with family taking them places that they have never went to before.  I would love to take my kids hunting with me when there young and if it is not what they like they wont have to do it but i would take them out seeing if they like being in the mountains or plains.

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We are going to provicials

Our Hockey team the Arborg U13 Made it to provincials and we will be Traveling to Killarney on March 11 and staying there until the 13. Our team beat Lundar to go to provincials we wiped them 2-0 to make it to provincials.

We Have already made it to provincials so now what we want to win it the Two banners that we can win the Reginal and the North division banner and they would get hung up in the Arborg arena. If we go to provincials and win gold we bring back a banner that says we won it and that would be 1 out of very few that would be hanging up in the Arborg arena. Although the bantam have lost to go to provincials 2-1 we still made it.

This weekend I have three hockey games one Today and then one Saturday and Monday. My first game this weekend will be against stonewall u13, and my two other ones will be fairford, and Gimli u15. I have been playing on both u13 and u15 teams recently this year so I have had my busiest year of hockey this year.

I have lost a couple of games with the u15 team and I have only have 1 loss in the u13 team cause we gave up and didn’t try are hardest while versing Lundar in Lundar at the start of the year this year.


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Into the 2nd half of the season (hockey)

My hockey team is now into the 2nd half of the hockey season and we have gotten moved up to the A league which is the best league to be into.

We are aiming to go to provincials this season so our coach wants us to give it our all at practices and games for the rest of the season. We have 3 games this weekend Lundar Friday in Arborg, stonewall Saturday in stonewall, Warren Sunday in Arborg.

This year we have only lost one game which was the worst game we have ever played and it was against Lundar, They are the hardest team to verse for us. To get into 2nd round of playoffs we have to beat warren which we already beat them 10-0 but there the best team in the A league in the first half of the year so we only beat them in an exhibition match.

First we have to beat warren then we have to beat the winner of Lundar and Stony Mountain. We have never played Stony mountain but we are thinking we are going to play them this half of the season cause they are in A along with us. The reason we were put into B league at the start of the year was because of our town population.

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Surviving Alaska

The year 1966, there was a group of people that lived in Australia, their names were John, Sara, Joe, and Mack.

They were all researchers and had  been working on a case of a plane called the Hawk. The Hawk was a plane that was on its way to U.S.A from Asia. They have been working on this case for just over 2 years now, they already went out to Alaska searching for the Hawk but didn’t pack enough resources to stay long enough to find It.

They are going to go back to Alaska in 2 days, and they are already packing all the stuff they need in backpacks, bags, and much more. The day comes where they are going to take off. It is a 40-minute drive to the airport from their tiny house. They arrive at the airport, and the pilot was standing there with another guy. They walk up to the pilot and then they ask him, ‘‘who is that guy with all the luggage sitting there?’’ It turns out that the guy was actually the pilot of the Falcon the hawk’s partner. He was around 50 years old now and didn’t have a wife or kids, so he decided to come with them looking for his partner’s plane.

The plane starts to take off with the Researchers  in it, and the other plane has to wait  for a pilot with all the luggage in it. They arrive after 4 hours of flying, and then they wait 20 minutes in the cold waiting for the other plane to come.  Then the plane comes with the luggage and drops the stuff off in a pile. Then both planes take off one at a time heading back to Australia. Everyone grabs all their bags and takes off into the woods.

They are about 10 miles away from where the plane crashed. They want to get there fast because they wanted to stay there for a month. They finish the 10 miles in 6 days because they were going up Rocky Mountains. They were sleeping in small caves as they went on every night, and they also had a fire every night to keep them warm through the cold. They all slept in -40 sleeping bags so most of their body was warm throughout the night. They got to the spot and spent 2 days trying to figure out where to camp for the rest of their time in Alaska.

The gear that they brought to help find the Hawk was scuba gear for ponds and lakes, metal detectors, binoculars, and much more. The first day at the prospector tent they decided to go searching on land around Mount Lake, but  all that they found was a bunch of scrap metal from unknown objects. They searched under water for the next 4 days and found a bunch of old rusty metal stuck in between rocks. After that, they go searching on land for 4 days because the exact spot where the plane crashed was unknown. They just kept on finding just a whole bunch of scrap metal. The next day they go half on land and half in water. They found one small piece of metal that matched up to the hawks design of metal. They assume it fell off when the plane was crashing.

They only have 11 days left to search and all that they had was one piece of tiny metal. They decided to keep on looking on land but they didn’t find anything special. They went back to camp that night and had steak that they packaged up for one day and they all agreed on eating it that day.

They have 4 days left and they decide to go half and half 2 days on land and 2 days in the water. They go in water first for the 2 days and find more metal just jammed in rocks. On their 2 last day they are all walking through the bush and see this big object covered in snow. They all go up to it and rub the snow off. It was the HAWK! They all start high fiving each other and Joe quickly calls the helicopter that would come pick it up and take it back to Australia.

The planes come back to pick them up where the camp was and take them back. The helicopter already left yesterday with the plane. They all get back to Australia and the Hawk is up for display in the community museum.

They all go back to their tiny house, and start working on another case. The End.