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April 20, 2023

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Cats are simply better then dogs, and I am going to tell you why I think this.

Cats are just all-around easier animals to take care of. Cats do not need much attention throughout the day, you go up to them and just give them three or four pets a day they are chill with you, and you are chill with them.

Dogs need your attention more throughout the day, which isn’t a bad thing, it makes you spend more time with them. But they expect that every day, and sometimes people aren’t in the mood when they get home, or they are tired.

Cats can stay home alone as long as the owner needs as long as the cat has food and water you don’t have to worry about anything. They won’t mess up the house or start to be lonely. But dogs, if you leave them alone in the house with food and water that won’t stop them from tearing a pillow apart or even your couch and making a mess. Also, dogs have to go pee and poop outside, so how are they going to be let out when you are not home? Also, if you leave them outside you are risking them escaping or being loud.

Cats don’t eat even close to as much food as dogs do. Even when you buy the food in bulk it is usually about the same price for both bags but once you have a dog and a cat, you’ll know which bag empty’s faster. Cats use way less toys than dogs. Toys can keep a pet active for about 1 hour but I would say dogs usually have way more toys then cats and it is true that dogs use them more then cats most of the time but most dogs get tired of some toys, and then you got to get them a new one which by the end the money adds up after you bought all the toys.

When pets use the washroom most of the time it is you that has to clean it up if it is your pet. Dogs use the washroom outside most the time and when he or she decides to squeeze one out while not on your property you are responsible of cleaning that up. 11 use the washroom in a litter box which usually is more efficient than picking up your I’m done thank you poop every day, your house will not smell if you empty the litter box often and use kitty litter.

Cats weight less then dogs which gives you the option to pick them up, for them to lay on you, and to cuddle most  things with a dog is not as good as when you do it with a cat if a dog lays on you, you’ll have a hard time breathing if they are there for a long time, when you cuddle with a dog it usually isn’t as comfortable because they are way bigger than most things you cuddle with and if you pick up a dog it will have quite a bit more weight to it.

Dogs and cats can be used for many good things too such as mental health, hospital children visits, police dogs, for some people that are lonely their pet can be one of the only things they have in their life. Cats are also a really good pet say when someone is not feeling good cats are easier to take care of and also when an older person or couple wants a pet cat are way more calm and easier to take care of when you don’t have much energy like older people. But for someone with time and energy a dog could possibly be the better choice but if you don’t have much time for a pet, but you want one there when you come home from work a cat would most likely be a better option.

There are a lot of facts that you can compare dog’s vs cats to, cats’ brain is 90% more like a humans then a dogs.

So over all I think the both sides have really good things and some bad about them I chose cats as my opinion as they are a more chill animal then dogs but my opinion can even switch sometimes I can like dogs more than cats it isn’t a permanent opinion but I choose cats cause they are a more calm animal and also because I had cats way longer then I had a dog and I find that cats are more calm, cuddly, silent then dogs which I like most of the time and the other time I usually like fooling around with dogs and playing with them.

Up coming summer

Summer is up coming up and I am pretty excited summer is probally the best season out of all them cause the weather is way nicer then any other season and there is so much stuff that you can do in the summer.


I will do most of the stuff in the summer with my friends and family. I hang out with my friends more when I am in school but I also hang out with my friends in the summer alot and do ore fun activitys with them . When I am at home on summer vacation I usally got for a dirt bike ride with my friends and we do that almost every single day during the summer. We go all different places when we are dirt  biking . Me, talon, bennett, lyndon, and dainen. We go all over the place to nausa , by talons grandmas, and by are fields out north a little bit more. we go south to around silver. Some times we ride inside of town.

More stuff that I do with my family is like go fishing , and go camping in different places like Lilac, hecla, rubber ducky, nausa, and some more places we go camping at least 6 times every summer.  We go out to my grandpas every summer alot to because me and my brother aren’t doing many sports in the summer so we all have time to go up there and spend time with my grandpa  and amma cause we don’t see them that often in the winter because we always have hockey and we don’t have time to go and see them so when summer and late spring comes around we try to go there as much as we can. All my cousins have dirtbikes to so we usually take our bikes out there so we can go riding with them, we also go across to the cabin and go fishing at the dock. My dad also makes me do some farm work in the summer to help him out.

When i am not any where or dirtbiking and at home I just like chilling in my room or the living room and having the windows open with a nice cool breeze and watching some youtube or netflix just relaxing and not doing anything.  When I am also bored my afi and baba live right down the road so I go and see them and play my afi in chess even though we see them all the time it is always good to go visit and talk to them.

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Povincials Bound

We Ended up beating warren to go to provincials the first two game out of the series of 3 and there was no need for a 3rd game we beat them in their hometown.

We are heading to provincials today right after school dlyar, charlie, hunter, tavyn, and dawson are the ones that are leaving after our school today. We will be staying at canadinn in Brandon Manitoba. I did stay in this hotel once before last year for  provincials but that was in the B provincials which is the best there is now this year we are going into the C leuge which is still like top 30 in manitoba for teams in our leuge but its quite a bit easier then the B cause when you are in B you are playing like the top 8 teams in all of manitoba in our leuge that signed up for provincials and made it.

The hotel is pretty fun it has a really nice pool and a nice place to wake up and eat breakfast at and it isn’t really fully down town Brandon it is closer to south Brandon but to go to the place where we need to play hockey we will need to drive about an hour and a bit just to get to the place where we play hockey which is in Milita and Milta is right by the Untied States Border and bottem left of  Manitoba. I don’t know the teams that we are playing yet but will find out once we get there most of us are leaving around 5:00 after school we do not have a game today but we are leaving today because non of us want to drive 3 and a half hours tomorrow early in the morning.

We will we playing two games tomorrow and on saturday and if we win those 2 out of the 3 games we will be playing on sSunday for bronze or gold. While at the hotel if we were just swimming and we are bored Me and a couple of the other guys on our team decided to bring their Consoles/Video games to play with each other and maybe play mini sticks in the hall way if we can.


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Going to provs

We had to vs warren this weekend to go to provincials in the C leuge we played one game Tuesday and one game on Thursday.


We played one game on Tuesday in Arborg and it was a really good game we scored 5 goals in two minutes in the first and one of warrens best players that has a big mouth got two penaltys and then got another two unsportsmen like penaltys after each of the penaltys he took and he got kicked out that game plus he also got 2 game suspension for what he said to the refs which I cant type on here. Anyway we ended up winning the game 7-2 i got 2 assists but I couldnt put the puck in the net I should’ve had about 3 goals that game but I couldnt score i had plenty of breakaways but I kept on shooting high.

On the Thursday game we had to drive to warren and it was actually kind of in a snow storm we had passed many of cars that hit the ditch on the way into warren. If  we won this game we would go to provincials which provincials was actually located in Milita right by the USA border and the Saskatewan border it is in like  the very corner of the bottom left of Manitoba. Any ways we got to the game we were actually one of the first ones to get there me and my dad and my mom and brother we dropped them off in stonewall because my brother had a game about the same time as me. At the start of the game it was a really bad start warren had got the first goal and we had a really slow start and many of shots were coming  at charlie.

In the second period we were up like 4-1 we had scored quite a bit and then the rest of the second was kinda slow and then the 3rd period had come this is when we were up like 6-1 and warren was just tryna hit you and give you injuries but that just led to them playing even worse and then we scored another  goal after that they also scored another one then I scored again with 17 second left in the third to end the game 8-2 then the refs just ran the clock out. But warren was really dirty at the end of the game their captain and assistant both got kicked out of the game for being stupid. I ended that second game with 5 points 2 goals and 3 assists and now we will be off to provincials in march 3-5.

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Christmas up coming

Christmas is coming up in 9 days and I am pretty excited to go see all the family  at get togethers and supper.

I have to usually go to 2 Christmases a year well actually 3 I usually go to my grandparents on my moms side on Christmas eve to  go celebrate with the then on Christmas day I have one at my house and then I drive like 1 min down the road to my Baba’s for my dads side of the family get together, and after that I usually go back out to my moms side of the family which they actually lived up north in Pine Dock at boxing day and stay there for a couple of nights usually with a couple other of my cousins which are my moms sisters kids Kynan, Brooklyn, Abby, Keegan and also with all the family cause most of them actually live in pine dock or Matheson island.

When we go to My grandpas (my moms side) we usually do lots of fun stuff there like sleding, towing, ice fishing, get together, supper. This year on the 27 we are actually going out north for a big get together at the hall which is right next to my grandpas place. He has an ice fishing shack which he usually gets out on the ice by the 15th or so when there is a couple inches of ice. We also go to the Cabin on ski doos across the lake for usually a bon fire or we also try to fish over there sometimes to. We also tow with the ski doos to  usually it is very fun until you get snow in some place you don’t want it. There is a big hill down by the beach that we usually go sledding on and also there are alot of trails that lead to places where you can slide down. There is so many trails out there built for driving off road toys such as quads, dirtbikes, rangers and in the winter time also snow mobiles.

Then when we go to my Baba’s for supper and get together it is usually really good we always have everyone there and it is also some of the best food that I have ever tasted in my life which is all homemade. It is usually my Baba and Afi there along with my Dad , my Uncle, and my Auntie, my Aunties kids with their boyfriend and girlfriends Then my family and a couple others like my Babas sister that moved to Arborg and a couple other relatives.

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In The Bush At The Wrong Time




In the bush at the wrong time

Steven was a 17-year-old boy that lived in a small-town northern Manitoba called kuisiack. Steven always loved to go hunting and fishing and also enjoy going on hikes and such to enjoy wildlife.

He usually did most of these activitys with his dad as his mom passed away in a house fire.

Steven was not doing good in school he never was, but he didn’t mind trying in school, but he never had the brains to have good grades, but he was already on his last year of high school. Since he always tried in school and was never good enough to get good grades, he’s always tried to tell his dad that he wanted to drop out for many years, but his dad always said no and said that Steven would need an education if he wanted a bright future which is a pretty good point. His dad was a construction manager he was part time that and on the other half he usually was spending time with Steven, or he also was in a little bit of a businessman. Steven was home alone for 2 weeks while his dad was on the construction site. Steven was old enough to take care of himself, but he didn’t really like to hang out with many people besides a couple friends and his dad and family. His dad flew to the site 1 week ago. Steven’s routine was going to school, going fishing on the river which he usually did with his dad, then eat sleep repeat. His dad was on the way back from the job site and him and steven had a big plan for a moose hunt when his dad got back. His dad was almost over the part of the border where he was going to cross in between Saskatchewan and Manitoba. When the engine in the little plane broke down and caught on fire and the fire eventually got into the gas tube and the plane then caught on fire and was going down, the plane was just crossing the border. 911 showed up to the scene and it was too late stevens dad and the pilot ended up passing away from impact.

Steven was going to move in with his aunt Marie in a couple of weeks. His aunt was the one that had to tell him that his dad died. Which must’ve been pretty had to tell him that steven got half hid dads’ inheritance but didn’t really spend it on anything, but food and cloths people started to see that steven was sad. His aunt was coming in two days to pick him up so he could go live with her. One day goes by and steven calls the school and tells them he’s sick and can’t come to school. His aunt Marie was pulling into the driveway, she gets into the house to realize that Steven is gone. It turns out that steven was going to go rouge and live in Alaska, so he did. He took a whole bunch of hunting and fishing supplies he also took quite a bit of money and food to get him started in the bush. He was taking a private bush plane rental business and that is how he would get to his destination. He has arrived up to the spot which is actually where him and his dad went hunting and shot stevens first moose. There is a ton of snow on the ground which was no help for steven to get to a spot where he could set up his camp until he could build a cabin in a couple of months. His camp was just going to be quite a bit of logs piled up onto one log with a tarp under the logs to stay dry and also to be warm at night. Steven found the spot where he was going to be, it was right next to a river that wasn’t frozen over and no signs of bears near it. Steven was living off sausage that he had brought from home and just normal water in a bottle. Steven had decided that he was going to start to fish for his first meat because he found a nice spot where there was a beaver dam and it was too big for fish to jump over and there was a whole bunch of fish jumping in front of the dam trying to get over the dam and that is when Steven had found his fishing spot. It took him about a full day to cut down all the trees with his axe and build his fort which he was going to stay in until he built his cabin. Weeks went by and all that steven could eat was fish he couldn’t find any animals to shoot. He had started to build the base of his cabin.

He was planning on going for a moose hunt to around the same place where he had shot his first moose, so he had a big fish fry for food that he was going to bring along with him on the moose hunt. He was out their moose hunting out there for a week and had only seen cows which he wasn’t so desperate where he would shoot a mom moose that could possibly have babies. It came time for Steven to head back to camp unfortunately he was empty handed this time. Steven had gotten back to camp and was starting to build more of the cabin. He was out grabbing clay when he started to feel pretty sick. It didn’t take two long before he was back to normal and then he started to build up the walls of the cabin adding a fireplace made out of rocks in the corner of the cabin.

It started to get really bad to the point where he couldn’t eat anything without puking. He had imagined that it is most likely scurvy which he had probably got from lacking his fruits vegetables and vitamins. He didn’t have any way to get back or call anyone from home, he also couldn’t get his hands on any food but the meat which made him sicker. He packed up all his things inside his camp and had engraved his name and the date and year onto the side of the half built Cabin with the date next to it and also a note/letter saying ‘’If you find this My name is Steven little and I have come out here when I was 17 years old I am now 18 here in 1991. Please contact my auntie telling her that I am sorry and that I have died in a place where I am happy and plus, I will get to go see mom and dad call 273 981 2094 in kuisiack Northern Manitoba’’. A man named Markus goodmen found this letter and lived up to stevens last words and contacted stevens aunt back in kuisiack to tell her what had happened. Steven’s funeral was hosted right next to his dad’s tombstone and was barried side but side in between his mom and dad. The End.

How hockey season is going and the warren game

Hockey season hasn’t been going to great at the moment we haven’t won a game yet but we have played two games this season one I wasn’t at and the other we tied when i was playing in Arborg.

We have only had to games  so far this season one was in fisher river which I wasn’t at unfortunately  and we lost 5-4 which I heard it wasn’t to bad of a game and my team said they lost because they played scared the first two periods because we are in hitting hockey. But when warren came to Arborg we played so bad it wasn’t even funny we were winning 4-1 then it eventually got to 5-2 and at the end of the game it was 5-5 and we ended up tying like what happened.

In the warren game we played so scared it wasn’t even funny  personally don’t think it was the whole teams fault cause some of us played good and some of us didn’t play so well I didn’t play up to my potential but my line only got scored on once so I wouldn’t say I played terrible cause our line only got score on once and we also scored 4 goals out of 5 on our line. I could probably blame it on some people but its bush leuge hockey and anyone can play.

By the end of the season I think we will at least be top 3 teams in the leuge  and who knows maybe even bring back the banner but I don’t want to jinx anything yet but I think these first couple games were just warm ups for us and I also think that we will start to pick it about 5 games in. Also in the warren game we had 3 of our arborg kids get kicked out and suspended. One got 1 game they other got 2 games and one got 6 games. One kid from warren also got kicked out in the first period

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Hockey again

Another hockey post. This year we just started playing hockey again so far we don’t not have any games scheduled and we have had 4 practices far this year.

We are supposed to start playing our first games next weekend to day is friday the 14 monday and the season is supposed to open up on the 22nd weekend so next weekend we will have our fist game or first 2 games of the season. Which is gonna be a good wake up call for some of the kids that are on my team and just got into high level contact hockey which im afraid some of our kids will get injured when we verse teams like gimli, peguis, and fairford and fisher river which is usally the teams that like to be a little dirty and sometimes don’t play to win they play to hit.

We will have a pretty good team this year, most of our players are playing to win this year so there will probally be some kids getting benched if not playing good or not going to thier potential that the coach has seen them get to. I don’t really know yet if the coach wants us to play for fun or he wants us to play to win for sure yet cause im not gonna go up to him and ask him. I am either going to play winger or center this year the coach said that he will decide by next practice on tuesday. Our practices are Tuesday and Thursay between 6:45 and 8:00 is when it starts and ends 1 hour after.

There I think is 9 teams this year in our bantam leuge this year which the teams are Stonewall which may have 2 teams this year I am not to sure yet, warren, lundar, teulon, gimli, arborg, peguis, fair ford, fisher river. I am not to sure how good the teams will be this year i am asuming that there will be good teams and bad teams.



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Hockey season

This hockey season is about to start and I have a feeling that it is going to be a pretty good season this year but there is also gonna be a couple of other good teams this year.

We might lose a couple of our good players to aa but none to aaa. This year there is probally going to be around 10 bantam teams this year. but we will have to team up with Teulon because they don’t have a full team to play but they will come to Arborg cause we already have a team and we are just gonna take the Teulon kids in because they don’t have a team big enough to play but Arborg will probally have a pretty good team but it there will also be alot of players cause Teulon is joining us.

Riverton was going to join us but their vice president for minor hockey didn’t want to send their kids to Arborg to play hockey. So now Riverton is going to join teams with Gimli. Which I that is going to be are biggest rival because Arborg already doesn’t quite like Gimli  and know Riverton is joining their team those are going to be some fun games. We also lost a couple of player that were with us last year like Elijah moved to Winnipeg and we also had people from fisher branch last year play on out team Tanner and Makayla. We also had some guys from fisher river that were insane good at hockey named Ronald and Luke.

This year Ronald and Luke have went to play with Peguis along with Jerome which played with us on the bantam team last year when I got called up to play with the bantams. Peguis is gonna be one of the best teams this year hopefully they have two teams and they don’t stack one full of good players and the others on the other team. Peguis will also  have big hitters which you will not want to go up against but will eventually have to. I will be playing with older kids this year and the younger kids next yea. But i will be playing with most of my friends so even if we lose  we will have a fun time while we play. 

Arborg Minor Hockey Association

2022 NBA finals Celtics vs GSW

In the NBA finals the two teams that made it to the championship match which were Celtics and GSW.

So far in the NBA finals both the teams that I wanted to win have lost which were Bucks and  Grizzlies which got out in round 2nd round both which was not the best start for my predictions in which case that those predictions messed up my whole predictions for the NBA finals which now all of my right predictions are wrong in the finals. The Bucks lost to the Celtics in game 7 and Memphis lost to Golden State in game 7.

So far for the championship the Celtics are leading game 3 2-1 against the golden state warriors which the championship goes to game 7 so the team that I want to win still has a chance which is the Golden state warriors cause the Celtics have knocked out the Bucks which was my favorite team to cheer for this season because the raptors kinda suck this season so I only had one team to cheer for which had the Greak Freak giannis which had carried their team through the whole NBA season and if the bucks had one other good player then would win the championship 100%.

So I have a feeling that the Warroirs are going to come back in either  game 6 or 7 and beat the celtics to pull the championship from them and win it just like they did back in 2018. But the Celtics are going to put up a good fight against GSW.

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